Hi Core Changers,

We are excited to return to our studios with you!  We want to let you know about the measures we are taking to keep you safe, as well as our requirements for class attendance.  Let’s all do our part to keep each other safe! Thank you for your cooperation!

Safety Measures:

  • Limited class capacity: For the time being, we are only offering semi-private and private class options. All regular autodrafts and class packs will remain on-hold for the time being.
  • Social Distance: All in-use megaformers will be more than 8 to 10 ft from the next in-use machine.
  • Sanitation Stations: You will be required to sanitize your hands upon entering the studio.
  • Masks are required for studio entry, per the Knox County Health Department guidelines. Socks will continue to be required for class.
  • Machine Sanitation & Cleaning: You will be required to wipe down your machine with provided wipes approved by the FDA to kill SARS-CoV2 before & after class.
  • Machines, poles, and surrounding floor will be sprayed with Ionopure sanitizer in between classes – this sanitizer mimics the solution created by your white blood cells to fight germs.
  • Cubbies & Water Fountains are closed – Belongings will be stored under your back platform.
  • No hands-on corrections by your coach.
  • No congregating in common areas.
  • Classes will be at least 45 minutes apart to allow for additional cleaning in between classes.
    • Both studios will continue to be professionally cleaned and extra sanitation measures will be taken between classes/ throughout the day to keep you safe.

Requirements for Class Attendance:

  • Pre-booking through MindBody; no drop-ins allowed.
  • Class must be canceled at least 12 hours before class in order to avoid losing the class pass. (Please understand that this policy is because of our limited capacity.)
  • Mask must be worn in studio.  Sticky socks are required.
  • Please do not attend class if you or someone you have been exposed to is sick:  Please review the screening questions issued by Knox County Health Department before entering studio:  Have you been told to quarantine/isolate by a medical provider or the health department?; Have you had face-to-face contact for 10 or more minutes with someone who has COVID-19?; Are you feeling ill and/or experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19 (regularly check the CDC website for an updated list)? If yes to any of these questions, please stay home.