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Although we have been open a little over a month, our clients are learning how transformative this workout can be.  The science and research behind each and every exercise at Core Change is formed and carved out from the Lagree Fitness Method.  Sebastian Lagree, inventor of the method and the Megaformer, has created a unique twist on foundational moves of squats, lunges, planks, and pushups and combined them with spring loaded resistance on the Megaformer—thus the Lagree method.


By definition, The Lagree Fitness Method is a very specific way of training that focuses on slow and controlled movements to achieve maximum muscle stimulation through resistance, range of motion, angles, tempo, and duration.


The Lagree method is revolutionary and brand new to most Knoxvillians.  At Core Change we want our clients to feel supported as they navigate through the exercises, finding new ways to challenge their bodies.  Our coaches will effectively incorporate all five elements of physical fitness—strength, endurance, cardio, balance, core, and flexibility—not just in a single workout, but in each and every exercise.  We want to encourage and challenge each person to learn the exercise names to aide in quick transitions and move their focus to perfect form, appropriate muscle group activation, and slowing the speed way down! Accomplishing this workout doesn’t mean plateauing. The spring-loaded technology which provides resistance at every angle won’t allow that to happen.  Educating our clients on correct spring load for the exercises and their personal strength level is a great next step once you’ve moved past the beginner level.

Efficiency is the Lagree method’s middle name—an intense full body work out in just 45 mins, with an after burn that keeps your metabolic rate rocking for several hours after you leave.  Our coaches are trained to push clients in every exercise to effectively stimulate your muscle fibers to the point of fatigue.  Activating the body’s slow twitch muscle fibers, these are the endurance, fat-burning, toning, and sculpting fibers, allows the muscle to tighten rather than force them to get larger and bulk. All of this science talk means that our slow speed methodology, resistance, and duration of exercise are going to push you to use more of the important muscle fibers in your body than an explosive workout.  If you can commit to coming three times a week, the Lagree method will without a doubt change your body in just a few weeks. If you’re using the workout as a cross trainer you will see increased endurance, improved strength by week 2. Remember we suggest taking a rest day every three days because your body needs time to recoup and recover, which also gives you time to do other things on your to-do list!

At Core Change, we’re committed to showing you how this workout is adaptable to every person and every body.  We currently have clients who participate in CrossFit competitions, new moms, and people who are just getting back on their fitness journey after years of looking for the right thing for their body—all of them are seeing transformative results. The beauty of our studio is the Lagree method is a license, not a franchise.  We can hone in on a scientifically based, well researched method that is intense, but kind to your body all while remaining firmly grounded in southern hospitality and community-centric values.  Our coaches are ready to show you how to transform your body and mind, inside and out!


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