Our MegaMen’s month has been nothing short of powerful.  It has been a pleasure welcoming men into the studio to showcase the intense workout that goes down behind the wood wall.  Removing the group fitness stereotype of a women’s only setting and raising the bar (or springs) to give the guys a low impact, high intensity workout that keys into all five elements of physical fitness has been a great experience for us all. (The craft beer has been a nice touch, too!). We’ve hosted former professional athletes, men rehabbing injuries, men who compete in CrossFit competitions, rock climbers, runners, desk job sitters, young and aging, all of which have found this type of sweat to suit their exercise needs.


“I’m running faster, my endurance is higher, and the lactic build up throughout my run takes longer because of the workout I’m getting at Core Change,” one client shared.  “I’m proud of my wife because I had no idea this was so hard.  I was majorly challenged in class, especially when I realized she was kicking my butt,” another admitted. Core Change is truly for everybody, but we chose to focus on men’s health the month of November to help spread awareness  for the Movember cause.  All of our men’s only classes were donation based and we are happy to be sending funds to the charity to go towards advocation and prevention of men’s prostate, testicular, and mental health. “I’m not in my early 20’s like I feel sometimes. It’s taken me a while to find a workout that’s intense, I can see results from, and not feel the pain like I do from trying to play pick-up basketball.” An efficient workout that is kind to your body and joints is beneficial to all fitness levels and the megaformer allows our coaches to differentiate, challenge each client individually.


We’ve had some incredible businesses partner with us this month who have graciously donated items for us to use in our giveaways.  Please take time to check out these local businesses.  Roosters and Steffanos are right next door to us.  After a good shave and clean cut, you can enjoy a delicious pizza or our favorite, the Italian sub sandwich.  Family Candle Company sells their delightful, original scents of Inner Power and Just Breathe in our studio, but they crafted a moss and amber scent for one lucky dude this month.  An extra thank you to ChiefBeast45 clothing from former VOL, AJ Johnson for donating some gear to our guys. We’re grateful to our friends at Naked Food, too, for their donation! And, who doesn’t love Lululemon?


Although men’s health month is coming to an end, we’re not done promoting the health and wellness of all of our clients and future clients.  As the hustle and bustle of the holidays ramps up, we encourage you to take some time for yourself, listen to your body, and continue to join us in making transformations in mind and body. We’ve also listened to several suggestions and hear the need of a men’s only class.  We “lagree’d” and starting next week, Wednesday at 6:30 will be a MegaMen’s class!

Below you can find links to articles we’ve featured this month specific to men and the Lagree method:

Men’s Journal – The Best 10 Workouts for Men in 2018.



InstaPhysique—Men: the Megaformer is for you



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