New year. New you?  It’s a common theme walking into January, especially in the health and wellness arena, but maybe it’s not about creating a new you.  Maybe it’s about finding out who you are at your core and redefining your version of self.  We’re here to tell you…You are capable, you are strong, and you can write that definition for yourself.

With our reDefine challenge, we’re asking you to complete 21 classes in 60 days.  There are incentives at class 10 and 15*, a Before & After optional participation*, and while we aren’t giving our participation trophies, we are offering a nice percentage off class packs, friend passes, and private class invitations*.  Along with decent nutrition, we can promise you will feel physical change in two weeks and see change in a month.  The low impact, high intensity of the Lagree method is extremely efficient and your changes in strength and muscle definition will couple with mental and emotional clarity too.  Think it sounds a little gimmicky? Listen to what our clients have to say.  Over the next month, we’ll be introducing some of our regulars on social media who have experienced all of what Core Change has to offer.  You’ll see that this workout will meet you where you are whether you’re cross training in other activities or looking for a way to get on the wellness train.  If you’re rehabbing an injury, have an achy back, a bad knee, want to make improvements to your running time, up your gains in the gym, whatever it may be, the Megaformer is a one size fits all machine created to keep you from plateauing.  Our coaches are trained and ready to challenge and support you, answer your questions and help you reach your goals. We hope that you come check us out, get involved in our studio challenge, and redefine this year into everything you want it to be.

More details on the challenge are listed below.

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*we dont have rights to the music on the video

*Class 10 = 10% off a retail purchase

*Class 15 = 15% off a retail purchase and friend pass

*Class 21 = 15% off any Class Pack! 3 friend passes!

*Auto draft members will receive an invite to a private advanced class with happy hour

*Before and After Challenge = take pictures, use scale or take measurements, record other improvements (in activities-run times, lift gains, etc), list mental or emotional changes.  Email info to Drawing for Private Party for you and nine friends as well as a month unlimited.

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